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What to eat?

coming soon...
XGIRLSPORT gets quick tips from Alice on what to eat on the move. look for new section called FASTFOOD!

Warm Up:
I usually stretch my arms and legs. Then I usually do a few hard cranks as if I were racing to warm up my legs--to get the blood circulating. Then, I try to relax my mind and then I am ready to race.
other sports...
I play rugby for the Arizona State University women's rugby team.
My dad bought me my bike when my parents divorced -it was something I could focus on while I was having a hard time with family. So, it's mostly been my thing, something
I love
. My dad works 24/7. He supports it but I've pretty much been on my own since the start.

BMX rider Alice Jung

Ranked No. 2 in Women's Pro overall for 2000. Top five finalist for Golden Crank Award, Rookie Pro of the year. XGIRLSPORT asks: will Alice Jung be
the future #1Girl Pro ........???! :)
I totally admire all the women participating in professional athletics because they are such positive role models for younger girls--all girls should know that women can play as hard or harder than the guys. There are no limits.
photos: bmxair.com

--How did you start racing BMX?

I actually wanted to race mtn. bikes since I was really young (still do) but we couldn't afford a mtn bike. So in Christmas of 1995 my dad bought me a bmx bike. From there I heard about racing and went out to the local track to check it out. I was instantly hooked.

--What trick are you working on?
Ha ha ha ha, me? Tricks? I just go fast, just race. Well actually, I do know a few tricks: no-footer, one-footer, X-up, and one-handers--just the simple ones. If I had time, I'ld like to learn no handers but right now I'll just stick to racing.

--Advice for beginners?
Don't be afraid to ask questions. Talk to everyone and learn as much as possible. If you want to be a successful racer, you need to find out what to do so you can reach your goals. But most of all, never get discouraged, be patient, and have fun because if it's not fun, you shouldn't be doing it.

--How do you give yourself a boost when you are feeling nervous or down?
Well, I try to forget everything and focus on the task at hand. I tell myself that I'm capable of being the best and to just go out and do my best--give a 100%.

--What is the universe saying to you?
The universe is telling me to live my life healthy, happy, and with passion.

-Alice Jung 18, Arizona
Everything in BMX is great- the camraderie, the traveling, the experience--but the best part is probably what I got out of it. It taught me discipline, focus, and how to set goals for myself. I think these are very valuable in life and everything a person does.

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